Getting Started | Mastock Help

When iMastock first launches, the program pre-loads quotes data for a few stocks. The intent is to help you get familiar with various feature. You can delete these data anytime.
iMastock has been designed to offer the user a quick way to get started with a minimum amount of settings and, as time goes, opportunities to precisely customize the program to fit the user’s style and

At a minimum, a new user would want to do the following:

1. Select his/her own stocks or indexes

Select his/her preferred indicators

Enter his/her investment history

Adding Lines and Comments

Navigate through stocks and time

iCloud synchronization

Understand Screen Gestures

This short guide does not cover more sophisticated features like
Custom Indicators, Color Themes, Internet Providers, Free Hand Drawing, Screening Stocks, Journal, etc...

You can zoom in or out this page by pinching the chart.

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Access to Tools:
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