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You can synchronize your app with other Mac, iPhone or iPad devices. You can visualize the current iCloud configuration by selecting one of the files.

You can
Backup and Restore your current configuration in the clouds.

You can enable the
Full Synchronization by, either importing the current cloud configuration to your device (Press Import), or exporting your device configuration to the cloud (Press Export). Switch off the iCloud synchronization switch to stop synchronizing.

Alternatively, you can opt for a
Manual Synchronization, switching the “Manual Sync” switch, on. When this switch is On, your iPad becomes a registered source of data for all other devices connected to the same iCloud account. As the screen, below, shows, you can pick the device you want to manually import data from.
The difference between this and the full synchronization, besides being manual, is that only data for the stocks common to the source and the receiver will be imported. Data imported are lines, comments, fibs, trades, journal notes and custom indicators scripts. This is intended to enable you to maintain a huge number of stocks on one device, probably a Mac, while working on a reduced set, more practical for a mobile device, on your iPad.

In order to setup iCloud, open the general settings, press the iCloud button and set your account:

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Screenshot 2013.04.29 10.23.11

Also, in the general settings for iCloud, pressing “Manage” should bring the following screen:

Screenshot 2013.04.29 10.24.24

Screenshot 2013.04.29 10.24.31