Stocks Filter | Mastock Help

The panel to manage stocks can be accessed through the Tools Navigator

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The top button
721-bookmarks enables you to define a portfolio as scope of the search, by default “All”.

The D/W button enables you to choose between daily and weekly data.

Internet update can either be automatic (
preference on) or manual, using the Internet Update button at the bottom of the screen. By default, data are automatically updated when view appears. It’s convenient when you have a small number of stocks but can become frustrating with a large number of stocks, as data do not need to be updated after markets close, or during week-ends.

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On the right side you define the filter criteria. The top buttons define the sub-criteria as a suite of AND, OR or AND NOT by selecting All, Any or None.

Progressively define the criteria by dragging the instructions into the criteria left and right columns. Define the middle column by dragging <, > or == in the middle criteria column. Finally, the right criteria column can be a value; just drag the Value button.

Note you can save and restore as many filters configurations as you want, using the Load, Save and Delete criteria buttons.

Once your criteria is set, press the button search. A new screen appears. The right table displays the name of the stocks corresponding to the criteria you just set.

By default, all names are selected, but you can select or deselect the stocks you want, by clicking on them. Once done, press “Move to Filter” to transfer the stocks into the “Filter” portfolio. This enables you to focus further analysis on a few interesting stocks. You can also move to a brand new portfolio.

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