Data Manager | Mastock Help

The Data Panel is accessible through the
Tools Navigator.

You can add, delete or modify quotes directly on this screen using the Add 709-plus, Edit 704-compose and Remove 711-trash buttons.

By default, only the last 100 days are loaded in the table; switch “limit to 100 days” off, to load the entire history.

Screenshot 2013.09.23 08.39.40

The Tool button
742-wrench opens a menu with several “maintenance” items. In general, it is recommended to contact the support before using these tools.

Screenshot 2013.09.23 08.39.52

The “Clean DataBase” button is used to scan and remove duplicate data in the base.

The “Delete Quotes” button simply removes all historical quotes for the selected stock.

The “
Assess Intraday” button, scan through your stocks to determine which ones support intraday display

The “Rebuild DataBase” button completely rebuild the database. Quotes are downloaded from Internet. All other data are restored from automatic backup files.

“Reset User Defaults”, as the name implies, just reset user defaults to the initial configuration, when the App was first launched.

“Restore Custom Indicators” and “Restore Color Themes” re-load the initial settings, when the App was first launched.