Investments | Mastock Help

Access the Investments Management panel by pressing the Tools Navigator at the top left of the main screen, then the Investments button.

The first screen shown, is a summary. You can select either all accounts (default), or a specific one using the button

Screenshot 2013.09.23 09.54.38

You can quickly visualize an account by selecting it.

Screenshot 2013.09.23 09.54.51

You can quickly visualize the history for a given stock by selecting it.

Screenshot 2013.09.23 09.55.07

The very first operation is to define accounts. Accounts are defined by a stock broker and an account name or number.

Screenshot 2013.09.23 09.55.24

Then you can enter your new trade operation, or close an existing one.

Screenshot 2013.09.23 09.55.54

When you enter a new position, you have choice of either a “buy” or a “sell short”.

Screenshot 2013.09.23 09.56.05

When you want to close a position (total or partial), select the position to close and press the “Close” button. Depending on the nature of the position, iMastock will automatically select either “sell” or “buy to cover” and limit the number of fields to the ones relevant to closing a trade operation.

You can also enter transactions, like withdrawal, dividends and others (categories can be customized in
Settings) by pressing “Trans” from the Investments Summary Screen.

Screenshot 2013.09.23 09.55.40

Finally, you can visualize your portfolio performance, using the performance screen.

Screenshot 2013.09.23 09.58.57

Screenshot 2013.09.23 09.59.08

You can select a stock or index for comparison purpose, by selecting it using the
858-line-chart button, and select either all accounts (default), or a specific one using the 721-bookmarks button.

Screenshot 2013.09.23 10.01.49