Currencies | Mastock Help

You can define your default currency in the
Preferences or the currencies screen accessible from the Tools Navigator (Using the Default button). If you intend to use only one currency in your future transactions, this is it. You do not have to bother about currency any more; all new stocks, all new transactions, all reports will be in the defined default currency.

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Select a currency and press Default to select a new default currency for the program. The default currency is only used in the investment portfolios summary and performance screen, where all trades, in various currencies, are translated into one number.

If you intend to use multiple currencies, Mastock is extremely flexible. A different currency can be defined for each new stock. Further transactions, buy or sell, will take into account the currency defined for this stock.

Each transaction is, by default, using the default currency. But you can decide to affect a different currency for each transaction.