This screen is accessible from the main chart screen, pressing “Line”.

Screenshot 2013.09.23 11.18.07

You can add Lines,
Retracements, Fans, Fibos, Pitchforks, Comments and many more figures on the chart.

Define the first point using a pan gesture
pan one finger. Pan with one finger to the point you want the line pivot to be. When you remove your finger off the screen, the point is highlighted in red.

Screenshot 2013.09.23 11.19.49

Define the second point using a pan gesture
pan one finger. While panning, you can see a preview of the future line.

Screenshot 2013.09.23 11.20.14

Once you remove your finger off screen, the line is created.

Screenshot 2013.09.23 11.20.24

Once the line exists, panning one finger, close to the line, will make the below menu appears. You can edit the color and the thickness of the line, modifying its
slope and pivot point. You can also extend the line left and right.

Screenshot 2013.09.23 11.20.44