Indicators | Mastock Help

There are three kind of Indicators:
- Overlay: Displayed directly on the graph, like Bollinger, Averages,….
- Classic Indicators: Displayed in separate windows, like RSI, MACD,…
- Triggers: Displayed on the graph, signal “Buy” and “Sell” points.

For each category, some indicators are present by default in the menus. For each, it’s possible to define your own
Custom Indicators. Several scripts are already present in the base.

You can control the relative space occupied by the indicators and the chart, moving the central

To select a classic indicator, select either “Indic1” or “Indic2” and select the indicator you want to display.

Screenshot 2013.09.23 14.02.46

Screenshot 2013.09.23 14.03.00

To select an Overlay or a Trigger, select the Overlay button on the bottom of the screen, and select the set of indicators to display on the graph.

Screenshot 2013.09.23 14.03.51