The information, on the right side of the horizontal line, represents the day and value related at the center of the cross.

Screenshot 2013.09.23 13.50.04

You can set the crosshair to be differential, with the delta, measured by value, percent and time periods, is displayed on the bottom right side of the chart. This feature is accessible in the “Chrt” menu in the main screen.

Screenshot 2013.09.23 13.50.45

If you “Press and Maintain” anywhere on the chart, you’ll see a small window popping up with the detail of the current candle. To make it disappear, double tap anywhere on the screen.

Screenshot 2013.10.30 15.55.35

If the relevant preference is checked, you’ll see the curve name popping up when the crosshair comes close to an indicator curve.

Screenshot 2013.10.30 15.55.57

Settings allow you to control colors and thickness of the cross hair.

Screenshot 2013.10.30 18.29.54